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Jim tries out the new Release SG multiplier reel’

On my recent trips out in the boat I have been testing the new Release SG reels that Snowbee are distributing in the UK. These are a high quality piece of equipment at considerably less money than other similar ones, yet they have a lifetime guarantee.

The lever drag is smooth as silk and the large power handle sits in the hand so comfortably you could grip it on even the coldest of days. The reel is designed for charter boat anglers in the USA and small game fishing so it can handle anything we get over here. On the day I tried the reel out on ‘Deep Blue’ we were lucky enough to find plenty of cod.

Release SG cmp

My personal tally was 12 cod and a pollack all brought easily to the boat with the clutch working perfectly on a fairly light setting to check for smoothness. The power handle was so comfortable in my hand with no chance of it slipping. If you like nice gear and buy things to last at £280 this reel is well worth an investment. Unfortunately I had to send this one back and I’m missing it already.

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