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A team of experienced anglers, including angling writer Jim Whippy and angling publisher Tim Macpherson fish for Bream on Shoreham Charter Boat She Likes It II. Fishing on the Kingmere, one of the premier Bream marks in the Channel, the team have a fantastic day catching over 30 bream up to 4lb’s. The programme shares the excitement of the trip, the methods, tactics, plus more about bream and this threatened marine habitat. Includes extras on Cod Mullet, Plaice and Pollock

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In this programme Tim and Jim drift for plaice revealing the baits and rigs they use to catch one of the most highly prized table fish in the UK. The impressive red spotted flatfish gives a good account of itself on light tackle. Using two boats the anglers meet off the Sussex coast to target the spring run of fish returning inshore after spawning.